As part of Commerce5, Customers may choose to have their Counterpoint customer database synced to the web to create Magento accounts on the customer's behalf. This can be helpful for customers with special group prices, Loyalty Point systems, or Gift Card accounts.

By default, unless one of the above systems is being used, the Counterpoint customer database will not be uploaded to the web. Online customers will only be linked to their Counterpoint customer record once an online order has been placed and an email match has been found.

If you choose to have your customers uploaded to the web, it's important that every customer has a value for First name and Last name, as these are required fields when creating customers in Magento.

If there is no value for either the First name or Last name field in Counterpoint when the customer is uploaded, Commerce5 will add a default value of "-" for the field. This does not provide the best user experience for your customers.

To assist in identifying customers that are missing First Name or Last Name, Commerce5 includes the Customers Missing First Name or Last NameĀ tool.

Note: This data is best viewed in the Table View:

It's common to see the full name entered into the name field rather than split into the First Name and Last Name fields. In this case it would possible for you or your Counterpoint partner to help you export this data, parse the name field into First and Last name fields, and reimport the data. Red Rook can also assist with this task as part of Professional Services.