These are the steps to recover and use EMV on an Ingenico that has been reset to defaults and was left at the “select language” screen.

Here are the options to select to get to a point where you can re-flash the firmware:


Language:  English

Date format: MM/DD/YY

Set date:  Accept current date or change if needed

Set time:  Accept current time or change if needed

Pabx: No

Pinpad: No

Contactless: Yes

Serial link: Internal

Swipe: Iso2 + Iso1

TMS Access: Ext.Modem

TMS Type: X.25

Serial link: COM2

TMS Call No:  Accept current value or change to 0836064444 if needed

TMS X.25 Address: Accept current value or change to 126244942 if needed

TMS Identifier:  Accept current value or change to 0 if needed

Protect Download: Off


At this point the screen will flash “Unprotected” and reboot.  Once rebooted, proceed to re-flash to desired RBA firmware version.

It is very important that the above options are used, or the device may no longer be accessible and will require an RMA.


After selecting the EMV device in Counterpoint device setup, saving the devices and the isc250 reboots while loading devices,

Exit Counterpoint, Reboot the Ingenico, and once finished rebooting, re-open Counterpoint.

Select desired firmware version from the dropdown menu.

If not selected during the initial firmware update, you can activate P2PE later by choosing to update and then un-checking the re-flash current version option: