Also called: Change Ship To Based On Availability


Version 2 last modified on: 4/11/2017

Works with any version of NCR Counterpoint


This extensions provides options to automate selection of alternate ship-from locations.

  • A priority order can be specified within a location group to control which locations should be checked for available inventory. 
  • Configure to fulfill as ShipFull where the alternate inventory location must have available inventory to fulfill the entire order, or ShipFast where line items are individually issued to partial fulfillment locations. A priority order can be specified within a location group to control which locations should be checked for available inventory. 
  • If no locations within a location group have sufficient inventory to fulfill a line item then the Ship-From Location will be unchanged from the default Ship-From Location. 
  • Filtered Location Groups can override the default Location Group by assigning them to a list of serviced states.  When the destination state on an order matches a state that has a filtered location list configured for it, the candidate locations will be narrowed to only those in the configured group.  The intended use for this feature is that the locations in a location group configured in this way would be those to serve a specific geography, however this intent does not enforce geography, so other use cases may be a fit as well.
  • Not supported: This extension does not split line-items into different ship locations. Also in Mode ShipFast, line items having the same Item Number or in the case of a gridded item having the same Grid option will not be grouped to ship from the same location, even though these items are the same.  Each line item is considered individually.  


If SY_COMP.USR_SHIP_FROM_STORE_METH = "-", then the extension is considered disabled and no changes will be applied.

If no entries are configured in USR_IM_LOC_GRP_STATE, which associates the standard Counterpoint Location Groups to to the configured destination states, then the default location group will be used.

If the Default Location Group does not exist, and the destination state on the order was not configured to a location group, then no locations will be updated.

When SY_COMP.USR_SHIP_FROM_STORE_METH = "F", candidate locations will be limited to only those that can fill all line items completely.

If the shipment can filled by the location already assigned to it, then the default location receives priority.

In the case that multiple candidate ship locations can fill the request, the lower sequence number of the location in the chosen location group will be awarded the shipment as the priority provider.


Run the Enzo Package.

This section needs to be updated after naming conventions have been changed to USR_RR_ALTSHIP_xxx.


        "F" for Ship Entire Order (FULL ORDER to-a-single-location mode) or 
        "S" for Ship Any Line Item (SPLIT ORDER mode) that can ship from a valid alternate location. 

  2. Create the default Location Group named "RR_STSHIP" and assign all available shipment locations.
  3. If you wish to configure ship-from location by georgraphy, configure one Location Group for each state and assign teh locations that would fill that territory to it.  First enter all states you will manage in this way here: USR_SY_STATE 
  4. For Each State, create an entry in USR_IM_LOC_GRP_STATE identifying the state-specific location group.


    Executes from [USER_BEFORE_PS_TE_COMMIT_DOC]