Commerce5 Marketplace Integration User Guide


M2EPro is a Magento Extension that integrates Amazon, Ebay and Rakuten with Magento synchronizing inventory, orders and shipments. Adding M2EPro to your Commerce5 solution allows for orders that are placed on the marketplaces to be imported into Counterpoint and for shipments with tracking numbers to be uploaded from Counterpoint to the marketplaces. Inventory Quantity and Prices can also be uploaded from Counterpoint to the marketplaces.

Note: M2EPro requires a monthly service plan. Installation, support and configuration of M2EPro is provided either directly from the M2EPro Onboarding team or your Magento Developer.

M2EPro provides unlimited support and has an extensive knowledgebase system here:

M2EPro Configuration:

M2EPro or your Magento Developer will be the best resources to assist you with configuration of M2EPro. The following configuration settings are recommended as

  • Sell on Multi-Channels > Configuration

  • Add a new Amazon account or select a previously configured Amazon account

Note: The Source MUST be set to “Magento”. The Amazon Order # is too long to fit in the Ticket # field in Counterpoint and therefore will NOT be imported.

Note: It is HIGHLY recommended that a Prefix be added to the beginning of Amazon orders to make it easy to identify Amazon orders vs Web Order or Ebay Orders.

Example: Prefix “A” à Amazon Order # in Magento à A100000034

Amazon Orders that have been imported to Magento can be viewed in the Magento Admin

  • Sell on Multi-Channels > Sales

Any errors with importing of Amazon Orders into Magento can be found by clicking:

  • Show Orders without Magento Orders
  • Then click on the Red Icon in the Magento Order # field to see the specific error

Once the Error has been resolved you can manually force M2EPro to attempt the creation of the order in Magento by selecting the action “Create Order” for the specific Amazon Order.

Note: It is HIGHLY recommend that the M2EPro Logs are reviewed DAILY to ensure that any errors are addressed quickly.

  • Sell on Multi-Channels > Logs

Marketplace Integration Limitations

Return Process

  • If an Amazon, Ebay or Rakuten order needs to be returned a manual return must be created directly in your Amazon, Ebay or Rakuten account and a manual return must also be created in Counterpoint