iPaaS.com requires the creation of an API account within BigCommerce. 

To complete the iPaaS.com requirements for BigCommerce, please provide the below to your Red Rook Project Manager.

Store Hash

Client ID

Client Secret

Access Token

Administrative User Account with Administrative Privileges  * Your Red Rook Project Manager's email can be used in creation of this account

See the below instructions as guidance in providing this information to Red Rook.


To create this account, go to your BigCommerce Admin URL and navigate to the Advanced Settings tab on the left ribbon. Once there, navigate to API accounts.

To create the account, use the name, iPaaS.com, and confirm all OAuth Scopes are given the highest privileges. You will want to note the API Path listed on this page as this contains the store hash.

The Store Hash, along with Client ID, Client Secret and Access Token should be provided to Red Rook as part of the iPaaS.com requirements for BigCommerce.