As a part of your new iPaaS implementation, we’ll be installing CPHive to facilitate data between Counterpoint and iPaaS. One of the requirements for installation is an IIS server configuration and Red Rook has created a Suggested Network Configuration Diagram for CPHive. Note that this is suggested, and the typical configuration we see, but not required. 

Please work with your IT provider to discuss IIS server configuration options and address the CPHive server action items and let us know if you have any questions. 

  1. Application Requirements:
    .Net 4.7.2 or greater
     IIS version 8 or greater

          additional detail, including roles, can be found at:

     CPHive Server Requirements: IIS and SSL 

  1. Permissions to access:
    • Counterpoint version or greater
    • SQL 2008R2 or greater


  1. Procure and apply SSL certificate to the website. This SSL and domain will be separate from your ecommerce platform.



  1. Whitelist inbound traffic to the below IPs/domain for port 443 (default HTTPS port. If in use, please assign a new port and notify RR Team)

• (Deprecated production Azure cluster address) & (Our new production Azure cluster address) *

• (Our staging environment) (Our offices & backup production servers)

* The host name will automatically resolve to the new IP address if using DNS. If the host name can be used for the “allow” rules instead of the IP address, that would be preferable as it may prevent future firewall changes from being necessary as the host name should dynamically apply to any new IP addresses.


  1. Provide access to Red Rook for the following:
    • User Login to NCR Counterpoint 
    • User Login with db_owner permissions to SQL Server 
    • VPN or Remote access addressing and credentials to:
      • NCR Counterpoint Application Server
      • NCR Counterpoint SQL Server
      • IIS Server