Configuration Discovery Questionnaire

General Questions 

  • Tell us about your business.
    1. What do you sell? What is your vertical (s)?
      • Bread and butter offering? 
      • Strategic offerings?
    2. What are your short-term goals or objectives? 
    3. What are your long-term goals or objectives? 
    4. Retail? B2C, B2B, hybrid?
    5. What kind of organizational structure do you have for your business? Who manages your ecommerce business and what resources do they have available to them? 
    6. What feature set do you currently leverage to maximize sales? Are there any features you would like to take advantage of that you either haven’t been able to do to technology blocker or resource (time, finance, human) blockers? 
    7. What blockers or pain points do you have in relationship to maximizing revenue or sales? Where do you see lost opportunity for revenue or sales?
    8. What blockers or pain points do you have in relationship to maximizing operational efficiency? 
    9. What expectations do you have of Red Rook? Of your other partners?
  • What applications would you like to integrate? EX: Counterpoint, Magento, BigCommerce, Avalara, DotDigital etc
    1. What version of those applications are you using?
    2. What partners are you working with for each application? Who will manage support for these applications?
    3. If a brand-new integration is to be considered for integration with, does the platform provide OpenAPI documentation (Swagger)?
    4. For on-premise solutions, how often do you intend to:
      • Apply minor software patches (security only)
      • Apply major software upgrades (new versions)
    5. Do you have any customizations to any of the applications you intend to integrate?  Has the core platform been customized beyond the standard offering? This would not include marketplace add-ons or extensions.
  • Do you intend to utilize 3rd party extensions or app/marketplace add-ons?
    1. If so, what are they?
    2. Which modules will they interact with? (Gift cards, customers, shopping cart, coupons, loyalty points, products, etc)
    3. What type of support will they offer for conflicts or bugs with the standard platform, or other extensions / marketplace add-ons?
    4. Do they alter data instantaneously, with a delay, or on a schedule?
    5. Do you intend to integrate with these add-ons?
      • Is their data accessible using the standard API, new API calls, no API?
      • Is data provided to these modules using the standard API, new API calls, using files (such as FTP upload) or other method?
    6.  Does the licensing cover more than one installation (Production, staging, development)?
    7. Does the licensing cover future updates to the add-on?
    8. Is full documentation available to the public or only through license/support?
    9. Does the add-on provide any “webhook” functionality or does it rely on the core platform or add-ons to handle them? Requirements and General Workflows


{{ insert general product, customer, order workflows with directionality }}

  • A development/staging/duplicate website is required to verify changes before applying to production.
    1. Red Rook will integrate to this first before going live. Typically, Red Rook integrates all applications in a test system and that test system data will need to be refreshed or maintained at regular interval to mirror production data.
  • See specific integration requirements for each application at {{insert developer URL or KB folder}}
  • Current common requirements that are slated for future releases OR are to be handled outside of platform:
    1. Images 
    2. Related and substitute products 
    3. Alternate units and kits