The Buy-Online Pickup In-Store app enables your customers to opt for Store Pickup with many features that allow you to personalize the experience.  This app utilizes login credentials, locations and inventory settings from and completed transactions are downloaded and made available for any backend. is an integration platform providing managed integrations between BigCommerce and all certified applications.  

This article describes how to install and configure Buy-Online Store Pickup by In the BigCommerce App Marketplace.  See other documents for BigCommerce Buy-Online Store Pickup App by

Customer Experience

Integration Settings



  • A valid account with an Active BigCommerce subscription.
  • Products are created/imported and at least one location is defined in


Registered as a single-click application, installation begins within BigCommerce.  After logging into the BigCommerce Admin Portal, Navigate to Apps > Marketplace and subscribe.

Please note that installation will add the following code to your BigCommerce store:

Script Manager:

BigCommerce Script Manager applies to footer which is used to add the UI handlers to the BigCommerce pages.

Product Option:

A product option is created which will be used to track the pickup location on the transaction.

Customer Form Field:

A user defined form field should be created on the Account Signup Form for "Pickup Store".  After logging into the BigCommerce Admin Portal, Navigate to Advanced Setting > Account Signup Form.  When a customer signs up, this field allows the customer to save their preferred pickup location.  The field will be automatically populated with the list of available Pickup Locations

Manual Theme Edit:

The following Theme edit is required.  These should be performed by the BigCommerce Agency on record.

Page: templates/components/commons/header.html

<input type="hidden" id="customer_id" name="customer_id" value="{{}}"/>
<input type="hidden" id="customer_email" name="customer_email" value="{{}}"/>
<input type="hidden" id="myInput" name="myInput" value=""/>
<input type="hidden" id="store_hash" value="{{settings.store_hash}}" />
{{#if template_file '===' 'pages/auth/create-account'}}  
 <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>  
  {{#if template_file '===' 'pages/account/edit'}}  
     <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 


Configuration will occur within the BigCommerce Portal.  After logging into the BigCommerce Admin Portal, Navigate to Apps > Buy Online Store Pickup by

  1. The first time you open the Store Pickup application, you will be prompted to Login using your credentials and choose a company to link if your account has more than 1 company.

  2. Confirm the locations which are available for Pickup.

  3. Enter the desired settings

Enable Buy-Online Pickup In Store 

Allow Pickup In Store and Shipment line items on the same transaction?

By default, transactions will be limited so that all line items on a single transaction can either be for shipment or Buy-Online Pickup In Store. When this option is enabled, customers will be permitted to identify some line items for shipment and other for Buy-Online Pickup In Store.

Allow different Store Pickup locations on the same transaction?
By default, Buy-Online Pickup In Store transactions will be limited to only a specific location. When this option is enabled, each line item could be set for Pickup from any of your Store locations.

Show All Locations?
By default, when showing inventory, only locations with inventory values will appear. When this option is enabled, all locations will be visible even when there is not available inventory.

Specify distance (in miles) from nearest location:
Enter 0 to disable or 999 to always use this feature.

Pickup in store quantity threshold: 

BOPIS Receipt Message:

The following message will be presented to the customer when at least one Pickup In Store item was on the completed transaction.