With the currently supported eCommerce platforms, iPaaS.com allows Customer Creation from the eCommerce site to a supported POS system

Using Counterpoint (CP) and Magento 2 (M2) as examples, there are a few scenarios to consider:

1. A brand new customer created in Magento 2 (a customer that does not already exist in CP)
2. An order placed by a guest (a patron who does not wish to create an account online)
3. An order placed by a logged in customer who already exists in CP

1) Net-new customers created in Magento 2 will be created in CP by iPaaS.com and inherit the values set in the Template Customer of the Workgroup assigned to the User being used within the iPaaS.com to CP mapping collections for orders

Note: You'll want to ensure the template customer you want values to stem from is checked as eCommerce; this will ensure that the next time this customer orders, their order will be linked to the existing customer account (provided the customer is logged in and uses the same email on the M2 order)

2) For guest checkouts, no customer account is created and customer information will not be preserved in CP outside of the information on the order; e.g., there will be no information on the Customer Table and / or Ship Address tables in CP

In short, this purchaser does not want to be a customer online and thus, iPaaS.com will not create them as a customer in CP

Note: Guest orders will be lumped into one existing customer account; this will be the customer account set as the Default Customer on the Store being used within the iPaaS.com to CP mapping collections for orders

3) If a customer places an order online while being logged in to their account, the order placed will be attribute to the customer record in Counterpoint if both accounts are using the same email and the customer record in CP is checked for eCommerce beforehand.