hello, Hello, HELLO, and good morrow welcome to the Castling Series where we here at Red Rook will get you into the frame of space you need to be in as an integrator.

7? Steps

  • Step 0: The more you know...you know.
  • Step 1: Get Registered and SDK
  • Step 2: Workspace Setup
  • Step 3: Connection Establishment
  • Step 4: Identify/Transform Models
  • Step 5: Hooks/Scopes
  • Step 6: Test Your Integration
  • Step 7: Submit?

Step 0: The More you know...you know

  • While one half of the battle is doing the other half is knowing. it is good practice to be versed in both parties'.

Step 1: Get Registered and SDK

  • This is the development Kit Provided to you to kickstart your integration.

Step 2: Workspace Setup

  • Before we truly start, once the SDK is in your possession and opened some steps should be taken to setup your workspace and make your integration unique in the eyes of IPaaS.com.

Step 3: Connection Establishment

  • Basic Connection setup to ensure that the integration is able to connect to IPaaS.com.

Step 4: Identify/Transform Models

  • Partially part of Step 0 though expanded upon these are the models found in a systems documentation that will be setup to allow IPaaS.com to handle them. knowledge of the models for each system is helpful here.

Step 5: Hooks/Scopes

  • Being that Hooks are highly recommended as IPaaS.com is API first and will benefit from having it in place. In here we will setup the scopes that the hooks will handle.

Step 6: Test Your Integration

  • While at this point most should be done to allow for the integration to be submitted but before this is done the integration should be tested and can be without necessarily uploading to IPaas.com.

Step 7: Submit?

  • After setup and testing you can now Submit your integration.