SDK and where to register to gain access to staging to test/develop integration.


With the intention of what the third-party integration will do all fleshed out you can move on to registration.

1: Register with IPaaS.com here-----> https://stagingportal.ipaas.com

2: Click on sign up here.

You will be greeted with a sign-up form Fill out the appropriate information.

You will be prompted to check your email to confirm your account.

Make sure to check your junk mail or spam!!!!


1: Obtain the SDK here-----> https://Github.com/ipaas-com/   

In the github there are Three repos...

  • IntegrationDevelopmentUtility
  • IntegrationTemplate
  • IntegrationSample

2: You must download the first 2(recommend just downloading as a ZIP file) as they will be necessary for your integration; the sample is for your curiosity only.

3: Extract the 2 ZIP files to the/a folder and you are set.


This is the actual folder where majority of the work will take place.


This is a development Utility that can be used for various tasks such as creating IPaaS.com models, running a hook to IPaaS.com, running a test, and upload Integration files

SAMPLE-- to be added

This is just an example of an integration.