This section will cover how to further troubleshoot errors. This will provide further information to help troubleshoot problems on the various systems.


1: Log in to the portal (

2: Select Company from User Dashboard. (If you already see the company dashboard, skip this step.)

3: Expand Menu.

4: Select “Integration Monitoring and Diagnostics.”

5: Select “Error Logs.

6: Select the "Debug" button.

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7: Select "yes" in the confirmation popup screen.

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This will send a debug API call which will provide more information to help the client fix the data issues.

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Activity Logger Details 
(El Header Details 
Data Mover System 
Transfer Request Extension ConvertaueueEntry 
Data Mover System 
Data Mover System 
IPaascallWrapper.Product GET(idA53914LRestRequest 
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Determined this request is in debug All tech details will be logged to the Act'vity Tracker 
with ID 8631f10b-3026-4b7S-92cg-69e270bb687e (INFO) 
Updating OT_Entry Status: Retrieving Source Data (INFO) 
Parameter: id 
453914 (INFO)