This section will cover how to set up order and customer webhooks in Orders and customers will enter unless these are set.

1. Magento Subcription Set up in
2. Access to the client's Magento admin portal(URL, username, and password)

First, you will need to grab the webhook API key from the Magento Subscription

1. Select company.

2. Select "Subscriptions Management-Subscriptions" from menu.

User / Role Management 
Data Management 
Subscriptions Management 
Integration Monitoring and Diagnostics 
Bluff City Golf 
My Company 
Bluff City Golf 
4261 W Dublin Granville Rd, Dublin, Ohio-43017 
My Account 
No Records Available.


3. Select "Magento" subscription.
4. Select "Edit".


4. Copy the "WEBHOOK API KEY" and paste it into a notepad app.(Note: You will need this later).

Next you will need to log in to client's Magento Admin portal and navigate to the webhooks extension.

1. Type in the client's admin portal URL into a web browser provide to you by the Magento developer.
2. Log in with username and password provided by client.

3. Select "SYSTEM" from menu.
4. Select "Manage Hooks" from menu.(Note: If you are not seeing this, it means the M2 dev has not set up the ext.
The webhooks extension would be set up by the dev before proceeding).

The final step is to create the customer and order webhooks for products

1. Select "Add New".
2. Select Order " New Customer" or " Update Customer".

1. Under "Name", type in a title for your new hook(Example: transaction/created or customer/created)
2. If you creating an order hook , select "Processing" for the created hook or Complete for the updated hook.

(Note: If you are creating is the customer hooks skip this step for now).
3. Select a store view for "Store View" area. (Example: Main Website Store-Default Store View).




4. Select" Actions" from "Hook Information" menu.
5. Under "Payload URL ", paste into the field.
6. Select "POST" as "Method" from dropdown.
7. Under" Header-Name Type in "Authorization" into the field.
8. Under" Header-Value" Type in " Bearer INSERT-WEBHOOK-API-KEY" the field.
9: Select "application" as "Content Type" from dropdown.
10. In the "Body" area, paste in the one of scripts from the "Magento webhooks scripts for configuration" KB article.


11. Select "General" from "Hook Information" menu.
12. Select "enable" as "" from dropdown.
13. Select "Save" button.


 14. Repeat steps 1-13 for the other 3 hooks.