This article will cover the data removal and re-push process. This process could be  if Red-Rook/MiSP to needs to remove test data and push up production data or website and data is out of sync.


1: Website Backup( via BC rewind or Magento Admin Tools)

2: Media Backup(products images, color swatches, size charts, etc.)
3: Resources necessary to re-input media
Note: Red-Rook/MiSP will not proceed with this process until prerequisites are acknowledged as completed.

The First step of the Data removal and Re-push Process is the break the “CP API URL” in the client's Counterpoint subcription. This subcription is located under Subscription Management. This will prevent any new updates from being uploaded to while we removed the data.

 The next step is the remove the customer and product data from This data is located under the data management area in


Red-Rook/MiSP will follow up this step with removing the same data from e-commerce site.

 Red-Rook/MiSP will then reimplement the "CP API URL".


The last step is to re-push the product and customer data. This is done via the client's CP database inside "Microsoft SQL Server" The Customer data and product data are typically re-pushed separately. First, Red-Rook/MiSP will re-push the product data. After the product data is successfully pushed to site, then the customer data is pushed.


Note: This process will only bring up data. Media and/or previous settings would to be reapplied by the eccommerce team. If you don't have the resources in place for this, please Let Red-Rook or your MiSP know.